CareOregon Grant Helps PCRI Ensure Housing Security

July 6, 2017 · by pcriadmin · Featured, PCRI

PCRI maintenance techs volunteer at the home of a North Portland senior, painting and performing critical home repairs.

PCRI is thrilled to be a recipient of CareOregon’s 2017 grant funding. The $50,000 grant will expand PCRI’s Senior Homeownership Retention and Repair Program, focused on helping North and Northeast Portland senior homeowners who need assistance with critical home repairs or retaining home ownership.

“These grants continue CareOregon’s emphasis on working with our community partners to address social determinants of health, particularly housing issues. Along with adverse childhood events, this is a key goal for CareOregon management and our board of directors,” said Eric C. Hunter, chief executive officer and president.

CareOregon’s spring 2017 grant cycle was focused on overcoming housing insecurity, helping address one of the biggest socioeconomic barriers to effective health care. In all, $300,000 in development investment grants were made to seven organizations that focus their efforts on reducing housing insecurity, including organizations which PCRI partners with to identify and assist eligible senior homeowners such as Northwest Pilot Project and the Store to Door program.

“Our experience in providing care through the Oregon Health Plan has made it clear that this population is at a greater risk for housing insecurity, as well as other social and economic factors, than the average Oregonian.”

CareOregon’s bi-annual community-benefit giving additionally awarded almost $115,000 in nine smaller grants within the organization’s core focus areas: childhood development, member and community empowerment, social determinants of health and Community Health Improvement Plan goals in its service areas.

“A common theme of these grants is that they are to programs that are primarily direct services for young children and families at high risk of experiencing poor health outcomes,” Hunter said. “We know that if we can have a positive impact on families’ health early on, that impact will not only provide benefits now, but will continue to have benefits for them and our community for many years into the future.”

CareOregon serves the largest number of Medicaid recipients in the state through its affiliation with four Coordinated Care Organizations. For more about the grants, see For more information about PCRI’s Senior Homeownership Retention and Repair Program, click HERE.

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