Snow, Ice Show Value of Affordable Homes for Stability

January 5, 2016 · by pcriadmin · Featured, PCRI

While many children celebrated rare Portland snow days that extended school’s winter break into the New Year, many low-income working families faced a difficult choice: stay home but lose a day’s income and risk losing their job, or brave the elements to be able to pay rent and keep food on the table.

Arctic Blast 2008January’s snow and ice underscore the importance of providing affordable housing in walkable, opportunity-rich neighborhoods. Individuals who work in lower-paying jobs including grocery clerks, hotel and food service work and other service professions typically do not have the luxury of staying home from work or working from home when the weather is bad. But, when housing affordability forces workers to find a place to live in neighborhoods further away from frequent transit service and job centers, families can lose their stability with just one bad weather day.

PCRI is continuing to reinvest in North and Inner Northeast Portland neighborhoods where, even on snowy days, families have safe, reliable access to work, to grocery stores and to community centers where kids can safely play even when parents don’t get a snow day. Beyond ensuring safe, affordable housing, we help families build stability so one day of bad weather doesn’t create a black financial cloud that lasts much longer.

Click the links to learn more about PCRI’s current projects in construction and under development as well as initiatives to ensure existing homeowners are able to retain their homes.

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