Workshops Offer Tips to Save Energy, Money

January 13, 2016 · by pcriadmin · PCRI

Weatherization WorkshopThe Community Energy Project and PCRI partnered for a pair of weatherization workshops held in January 2016. The workshops, which provided easy home weatherization tips and techniques, will help participants in PCRI’s Homeownership Retention program reduce energy costs while keeping their homes warm through the winter.

Thirteen senior homeowners at the January 13 workshop, and others at a January 6 workshop brought home a kit including weather stripping and other tools for insulating and reducing drafts. With easy-to-use instruction provided at the workshop, homeowners are able to begin saving energy and reducing their heating bills right away.

Miss the workshop, but are still interested? Contact PCRI’s Homeownership Retention program at (503) 288-2923 or by email or follow the link for more information from Community Energy Project.

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