Homeownership, IDA Programs Help Shaw Family Reach Goals

November 9, 2015 · by pcriadmin · Featured, PCRI

Genté, DJ and Chloé Shaw became first-time and first-generation homeowners as they moved into their new home in Northeast Portland in October. Moving from Gresham where rent was affordable, the Shaws were particularly excited to be able to own and raise their children in a closer-in neighborhood.

Shaw Family

Genté and Chloé Shaw talk about saving for their first home.

“To be owning a home, to be investing in our own personal asset and someday pass on to our daughter,” Genté said, “it’s a great feeling!”

The Shaws utilized savings they accrued through the PCRI’s matched-saving IDA program to help with their down payment and were supported through the entire process by Liz and Andrea, PCRI’s IDA and Homeownership staff.

It wasn’t always easy, Genté said, but she challenged others to make small changes to begin to achieve future goals. “I just encourage anyone else out there, if you’re able to do so [begin saving], do it,” she said. “Start where you are and be consistent.”

A week before closing on their new home, Genté and Chloé sat down with IDA Specialist Liz Olson to share their story for the Oregon IDA Initiative:

Achieving stability. Becoming self-sufficient. Successfully purchasing their first home. Using the tools PCRI provides, residents and clients achieve all types of success. We’re always eager to highlight the ways they’ve succeeded and congratulate the Shaw family on their new home!

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