PCRI Helps Homeowners through MHAC

June 27, 2011 · by pcriadmin · PCRI

PCRI is always working to ensure opportunities for stable housing within our community, but we can’t always do it alone.  To reach even more homeowners–and prospective owners–we joined forces with The African American Alliance for Homeownership, Hacienda CDC and Proud Ground and formed the Minority Homebuyer Assistance Collaborative (MHAC).

The MHAC partnership was created nearly five years ago to directly address the challenges faced by communities of color in successfully pursuing homeownership.  Our coalition of local nonprofit organizations tackles these challenges through culturally specific homebuyer education and counseling services that are offered in both in English and Spanish. In addition to homebuyer education, MHAC makes small grants available to help households on their way to homeownership.

Most recently, the collaborative has added homeownership retention to our resume.  Through this retention program, we are working to assist seniors facing foreclosure and other ownership challenges through personal advocacy, one-on-one consultations and connections to community resources.

As the needs for each of these programs and services grow, so does our partnership – and later this week, we’ll have a new website where we’ll be adding information about the services provided by the MHAC partners and links to community resources.  Individuals and families seeking assistance can always contact us at (503) 288-2923.

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