PCRI celebrates another renter-turned-owner

April 8, 2011 · by pcriadmin · PCRI

Part of PCRI’s vision is to provide services that help our residents gain the tools needed to become stable, self-sufficient and eventually build wealth.  While we have residents in every area of the continuum between stability and wealth building, the ultimate wealth-building goal of our residents is often to buy their own home, building equity and wealth that can be passed on to younger generations.

Residents who become first-time homebuyers provide some of the success stories that exemplify PCRI’s vision of self-sufficiency and wealth building.  The LaRose family is one of those success stories.

Before their recent home purchase, the LaRoses lived in a PCRI rental home for two years.  Understandably, they are excited to be homeowners.   Mr. LaRose (pictured below) summed it up this way:  “I am no longer paying someone’s mortgage with my rent payments.  Now I am paying my own mortgage and adding value to my own net worth.”

PCRI’s Homeownership Program helped the LaRoses navigate the sometimes complicated path to ownership, providing direction, one-on-one consultation and support.

One facet of that support was particularly meaningful for Mr. LaRose.

“Don’t let past mistakes with your credit deter you,” he said.  “Sit down with a homeownership counselor and determine where you are at and where you need to be.”

PCRI’s free Homeownership Program, financial education workshops and culturally-specific individual counseling opportunities are available to all PCRI residents.  More information is available on in the Services area of our website or by calling our office.

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