Ellis Rehabilitation (2013)

March 31, 2013 · by pcriadmin · PCRI, Rehabilitations

One of a handful of affordable rental homes PCRI owns and manages in SE Portland, this house was rehabilitated as part of PCRI’s Big 11 project and will enjoy many improvements that have been completed and are underway in Portland’s Lents neighborhood.  The comprehensive rehab helps ensure the home remains an affordable, healthy and efficient rental property for the long run and helps protect against displacement in the rapidly changing and improving Lents area.  The Big 11 project, funded by Portland Housing Bureau included upgrades and improvements to each of the affordable rental homes.

To ensure a safe, healthy home for new residents, the rehabilitation included abatement of lead paint and asbestos hazards as well as replacement of dated electrical and plumbing systems.  Taking the rehabilitation several steps further, new, energy-efficient doors, windows and upgraded insulation were added.  In addition, a new high-efficiency water heater and gas furnace replaced the old water heater and furnace, and new Energy Star-rated appliances and WaterSense plumbing fixtures, all of which help ensure low utility costs for the residents.  All of the weatherization improvements were performed and tested according to Home Performance with Energy Star standards.

The home also benefits from a new kitchen and bathroom, each of which received new cabinetry and fixtures for improved functionality.  Throughout the home, materials, fixtures and appliances were chosen for durability and ease of maintenance as well as appearance.  Similar logic was used to help ensure healthy indoor spaces: new kitchen and bathroom ventilation fans were installed to exhaust stale air, and low- and no-VOC finishes and materials used throughout the home.  New flooring (much of which was installed by Oregon Tradeswomen students) and fresh paint combined with the new windows ensure ample daylight in each room, creating a welcoming environment and helping to further reduce energy costs.

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