NE 10th Rehabilitation (2012)

December 21, 2012 · by pcriadmin · Rehabilitations

PCRI’s rehabilitation of this single-family home was part of our Big 11 project.  Upgrades and improvements to this and ten other single-family rental homes were made possible by funding from Portland Housing Bureau.

Inside and outside of the house, asbestos hazards were addressed and the home was tested for lead-based paint hazards.  Kitchen and bathroom ventilation fans were upgraded as well, all of which help to ensure a healthy environment for residents.  With ventilation systems improved, insulation systems were checked and the home was tested for areas where drafts and air leaks might occur.  Diligent air sealing and new windows reduced these drafts and leaks by nearly 40%, helping to ensure better efficiency and indoor health according to Home Performance with Energy Star standards.  The new, more efficient windows and an Energy Star-rated refrigerator and hot water heater were installed to further help keep residents’ utility expenses low.

Additional improvements were made to ensure the home was as livable and easy-to-maintain as possible.  The kitchen and bathrooms were completely overhauled with new water-saving fixtures, new flooring was installed, and the home was painted inside and out.


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