Bryant Rehabilitation (2012)

December 16, 2012 · by pcriadmin · Rehabilitations

As part of PCRI’s Big 11 project, this home in the Woodlawn neighborhood was rehabilitated and renovated to ensure it remained an affordable, healthy and efficient rental for PCRI residents.  The Big 11 project, funded by Portland Housing Bureau included upgrades and improvements to each of the affordable rental homes.

New residents in this home will first be greeted with a new front porch and entry stairs.  New, energy-efficient doors and upgraded insulation help create a comfortable interior for residents.  The improvements in insulation, air-tightness (to reduce drafts and heat loss), and efficiency were performed and tested according to Home Performance with Energy Star standards and will help keep utility bills low for the residents.  Similar improvements were made to help ensure healthy indoor spaces and include new kitchen and bathroom ventilation fans installed to exhaust stale air, remediation of lead-based paint and asbestos hazards, and low- and no-VOC finishes and materials used throughout the home.

The home also benefits from new flooring, fresh paint, and a new kitchen, bathroom and laundry area designed for improved functionality.  New Energy Star-rated appliances and water-saving plumbing fixtures complete the renovated kitchen and bathroom, with all materials and appliances chosen for durability and ease of maintenance as well as appearance.  Finally, a dilapidated shed was removed from the rear of the house to open up the large back yard.

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