23rd Avenue Rehabilitation (2012)

November 9, 2012 · by pcriadmin · Rehabilitations

The rehabilitation and renovation of this home in Portland’s popular Concordia neighborhood was one of eleven single-family rental homes included in PCRI’s Big 11 project.  The project, funded by Portland Housing Bureau included upgrades and improvements to each of the affordable rental homes.

Though not readily evident, significant improvements to efficiency and indoor health were made according to Home Performance with Energy Star standards.  Improved air sealing of the home reduced air leakage by 41%, new energy-efficient windows and doors were installed, and more than 800 square feet of  insulation was added, helping heating systems to work efficiently and aiding residents with energy bills which are as low as possible.  New kitchen and bathroom ventilation fans were also installed to exhaust stale air, lead-based paint and asbestos hazards were addressed, and new low- and no-VOC finishes were used, ensuring a healthy indoor environment for the home’s occupants.

Inside, new flooring, fresh paint, and new and refurbished cabinetry provide a bright and welcoming environment for the residents.  New Energy Star-rated appliances complete the refurbished kitchen, and all materials and appliances have been chosen for durability and ease of maintenance.  Outside, a new driveway and walkway were installed to replace the deteriorated concrete which previously existed.

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