Notes from the Fair

October 26, 2009 · by pcriadmin · PCRI

The stream of people at Saturday’s African American Alliance for Homeownership Fair was slower than previous years, but PCRI’s Rachel Hestmark and Charles Funches still took the opportunity to make new connections.

AAAH Fair 2009 006Charles, PCRI’s Homeownership Coordinator, talked with potential homeowners like Watasha Stroud (pictured at left) and Allan Peterson (pictured below) about programs PCRI offers to help residents plan, save and purchase their own home.  Despite gloomy news stories about the economy, Charles says right now is “a perfect storm” for potential homeowners: low interest rates, a comparatively slow housing market and incentives like the federal first-time homebuyer tax credit.

PCRI’s programs have been right in line to help take advantage of this perfect storm, too.  PCRI is having a banner year with seven new homeowners so far–and AAAH Fair 2009 005four dozen residents planning and preparing for a similarly successful future in the homeownership program.  PCRI also aids buyers after the sale with post-purchase assistance, helping new owners stay away from predatory loans and other pitfalls.

For people at the fair not quite ready to buy, PCRI still had plenty to offer: rentals, programs … and candy!  Rachel, PCRI’s Leasing Agent, summed it up this way: “We’re the A to the Z.”

Sure, it was a homeownership fair.  But everyone needs a place to live while they’re dreaming, planning and looking for their own home.  For prospective tenants (and hopefully future owners!), Rachel showed off soon-to-be available rentals.  These homes, just in the final stages of rehabilitation, are part of PCRI’s unique portfolio that consists largely of single-family homes.

When the fair wrapped up and the tables and banners came down, Charles and Rachel declared it a success.  “I’m looking forward to seeing some new faces come through the [PCRI] door,” Rachel said.

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