Russet and Morris Greenplexes (2004)

October 21, 2004 · by pcriadmin · New Construction

On two sites where dilapidated homes once stood, PCRI developed five new affordable rental homes.  On NE Russet Street, a new duplex includes two- and three-bedroom units; on NE Morris Street, a new triplex includes a townhouse-style three-bedroom unit and one- and two-bedroom apartments.  All of the homes are generously sized, ranging from 1,097 square feet to 1,311 square feet.

The duplex and the triplex were both built with durability and efficiency in mind–and a strong desire to ensure healthy homes for the residents who would live in them.  Before the new homes were even built, the existing houses were deconstructed, ensuring re-use of materials where possible and proper disposal of debris when necessary.  During construction, advanced framing techniques and on-site waste reduction were employed to create a more efficient structure and reduce our impact on landfills.  Natural materials, sustainably harvested wood and recycled content products were included throughout the homes to minimize our impact on natural resources.

Inside the homes, low-VOC paints and non-toxic finishes were specified and efficient, effective ventilation systems were installed to ensure the homes provided a healthy environment.  Energy Star appliances, water-efficient plumbing fixtures and low-maintenance landscaping were also incorporated to ensure low utility bills and easy maintenance for the residents and PCRI.

These homes were celebrated on the City of Portland’s 2004 Build it Green! homes tour and were recognized by Oregon Housing and Community Services for the homes’ benefits as Special Needs Housing.

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