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Dancing with the Stars was a big success, but this year we’re dancing without the competition. Join us on Saturday, May 5, 2018, at PCRI Lounge, a new take on our annual gala.

Enjoy a cocktail hour, dinner, auction, live music and entertainment at the PCRI Lounge gala event, once again at the Hilton Portland Downtown. We’ll celebrate the work we are doing together to bring stability and self-sufficiency to our communities.

Tickets to the event are on sale now, and volunteer and sponsorship opportunities are also available.

Sign up for PCRI’s mailing list to be the first to learn about gala announcement, exciting auction packages and more. We expect the event to once again sell out.

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Check out Resident Services’ calendar of events!

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PCRI invites the community to join us, Albina Construction, Brett Schulz Architect and other partners on February 27 to break ground on the first homes for purchase by first-time homebuyers as part of our Pathway 1000 Initiative.

Four new townhomes will be built in a prime location of North Portland, the first of many homeownership developments in PCRI’s Pathway 1000 Initiative. These new homes, for sale to low- and moderate-income first-time buyers will be prioritized for families displaced from North and Northeast Portland and families at risk of displacement.

For more information about the groundbreaking event or to RSVP for the event, email us HERE.

“PCRI was formed as, and continues to be, a solution to involuntary displacement. This project will help ensure everyone can experience the stability, safety and dignity that a home provides,” said Maxine Fitzpatrick, Executive Director.

Four new 2- and 3-bedroom townhomes, certified to meet Earth Advantage green building standards, will be developed on the site. The homes will be two and three stories (for 2- and 3-bedroom sizes, respectively) and have been designed to fit with existing neighborhood scale. Front, rear and side yards and walkways help ensure reasonable separation from neighboring homes and maintain the scale and feel of the neighborhood. A condo association for the completed homes will maintain the building’s exterior and landscaping.

Construction will begin in February 2018, and is anticipated to be complete in late summer or early fall 2018. Other developments planned to begin construction in summer 2018 will provide additional opportunities for families to build intergenerational assets through homeownership.

“To be owning a home, to be investing in our own personal asset and someday pass it on to our daughter, it’s a great feeling,” said Genté Shaw, a PCRI client and first-generation homeowner.

Down payment assistance for the future homeowners will be provided by the City of Portland Housing Bureau as part of its N/NE Neighborhood Housing Strategy.

The development team is being led by PCRI. In conjunction with the National Association of Minority Contractors – Oregon and Minority Contractor Improvement Partnership (MCIP), PCRI selected Albina Construction to build the new homes due to their deep roots in N/NE Portland and their commitment to opportunity for local and minority subcontractors and workforce. Albina Construction owners Dennis Harris and Caitlin MacKenzie are pictured above. Additional project partners include Brett Schulz Architect, Beneficial State Bank, Wells Fargo Housing Foundation, and Meyer Memorial Trust.

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african-american-couple-buying-home1-2PCRI will host a informational event on March 3, 2018 for its Pathway 1000 Initiative. At the event, families and individuals can learn about homeownership and other opportunities available as part of the initiative, as well as more information about the initiative and its goal of ending involuntary displacement.

The event will be held at Portland Community College’s Workforce Training Center at 5600 NE 42nd Avenue (at Killingsworth) on March 3, 2018, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Refreshments will be provided; RSVPs are requested, but not required. Questions can be sent to PCRI via email.

Pathway 1000 is a displacement mitigation initiative created by PCRI and informed through community outreach and feedback. In addition to mitigating displacement, the initiative Arika and Jenniferaims to reclaim the historic heart and soul of Portland’s African American community, building prosperity for African Americans and others displaced from North and Northeast Portland through the development of 1,000 new affordable homes during the next decade. This development will create hundreds of living-wage jobs, business growth and additional development opportunity throughout the duration of the 10-year initiative.

In addition to individuals and families interested in learning about homeownership opportunity, industry professionals are encouraged to attend to learn more about how their organization or business can participate in the initiative. Attorneys, architects, finance professionals, contractors and others are invited to join in the Pathway 1000 initiative.

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On January 4, 2018, The Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors (PMAR) presented an Oregon Home Foundation grant for PCRI’s homeownership education program. The grant will help support increased attendance in PCRI program as well as continued development of post-purchase support programs. Homeownership Program Specialist Linda Tellis-Kennedy (pictured below, third from left) attended the grant presentation on PCRI’s behalf.

PMAR Presented Homeownership Program Grants on January 4, 2018

“Homeownership is the most effective way for most families to achieve and retain stability within their community,” said Andrea Debnam, PCRI’s Manager of Resident Services. “This grant will help PCRI clients realize their dreams and build assets through homeownership, breaking cycles of poverty.”

PCRI, whose vision is to help low-income families achieve stability and build wealth, shares the Oregon Association of Realtors HOME Foundation’s belief in the incredible value of homeownership to break generational cycles of poverty. PCRI also understands that education and support prior to purchase are key to the long-term success of first-time buyers, especially for PCRI’s target population of African Americans who have been historically and disproportionately excluded from homeownership.

Since 2004, PCRI has successfully provided culturally-specific homeownership education, counseling services, and financial assistance to low- and moderate-income residents living in PCRI housing and in the larger community. Interest in PCRI’s homeownership program has nearly doubled each of the last two years and, with development of new homes for purchase associate

d with the Pathway 1000 initiative, attendance is expected to continue to increase. The Oregon Home Foundation grant will help PCRI meet increased service needs as well as develop new programs.

The Homeownership Opportunities Website Northwest (HOW NW) sponsored by PMAR provides additional resources for buyers without charge or obligation. In addition to PCRI’s education services, buyers are encouraged to visit the HOW NW website to learn more about buying, owning and retaining a home.

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Construction at the Beatrice Morrow development continues to proceed according to schedule, with the second floor nearly ready to take shape. First floor walls, columns and floors are complete and decking is in place for the concrete slab of the second floor. Concrete deliveries are anticipated during the coming weeks.

To facilitate safety and jobsite access, additional street closures are planned on NE Cook Street during beginning the afternoon of Monday October 23 through approximately November 5. Cook Street will be closed to parking and vehicle traffic at NE Martin Luther King Blvd during this time. Access will remain available from NE 7th Avenue to the Magnolia Apartments and properties east of Martin Luther King Blvd.

The Beatrice Morrow construction team has also been in contact with the contractor of the property at 422 NE Ivy Street. Although this construction is unrelated to PCRI and Colas Construction’s work at the Beatrice Morrow, we have helped to coordinate access for construction vehicles from NE Martin Luther King Blvd to help minimize construction traffic on Ivy Street.

Additional information and prior construction updates can be found HERE. Completion of the 80-unit mixed-use commercial and residential building is anticipated in mid-2018 and all apartments are expected to be leased by the end of 2018.

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PCRI hosted a Charity of the Day event at Oregon Public House all day Tuesday, November 14, 2017. To celebrate the launch of the Pathway 1000 Initiative, PCRI hosted a Pathway 1000 happy hour celebration with drinks and entertainment in the OPH’s Village Ballroom, just upstairs. Oregon Public House and the Village Ballroom are located at 700 NE Dekum Street, just a few blocks from PCRI’s office.

Oregon Public House donated to PCRI a portion of the pub’s food and drink sales to benefit the Initiative.

PCRI’s Pathway 1000 launch celebration in the ballroom included live music and spoken word by local artists, with wine and beer for sale. 100% of the drinks sold in the ballroom benefitted PCRI and our Pathway 1000 Initiative.

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B Morrrow 08 22aConstruction at the Beatrice Morrow development took a brief pause during this week’s solar eclipse. Despite the brief construction break, first floor concrete walls continue to be formed and poured, with the final wall pour anticipated within about a week. Forming and pouring on concrete slabs will follow.

The Beatrice Morrow construction team has also been advised that construction will soon begin at 422 NE Ivy Street, adjacent to the Beatrice Morrow development. PCRI and Colas Construction are not involved in development or construction of townhomes to be built at this property on Ivy Street.

As has been the case during prior weeks, street closures are to be expected during the day to facilitate safety and jobsite access:

  • B Morrrow 08 22bIvy Street at NE Martin Luther King Blvd
  • Parking spaces on NE Cook Street near NE Martin Luther King Blvd

In addition to the above street closures, construction crews will temporarily close one lane of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. as fill material is delivered for the building areas along the street. These closures are anticipate to only involve one lane for a brief period of time and will involve flaggers to direct traffic, in accordance with permitting requirements for the closure.

Additional information and prior construction updates can be found HERE. Completion of the 80-unit mixed-use commercial and residential building is anticipated in mid-2018 and all apartments are expected to be leased by the end of 2018.

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King + Parks Apartments, rendering of development as viewed from MLK Blvd. looking south.

King + Parks Apartments, rendering of development as viewed from MLK Blvd. looking south.

During the past several months, PCRI has presented information about the proposed King + Parks Apartments to the Piedmont Neighborhood Association on multiple occasions and with neighboring residents and businesses. In addition to sharing information, we have listened to diverse feedback and have worked to incorporate this input into the development, proposed for the property on NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. between Rosa Parks Way and Highland Avenue.

More recently, neighbors and passers-by may have noticed activity at the site. Rest assured, we are not yet beginning construction. Activity on the site is related to the city’s sewer repair projects and is limited to equipment and materials related to sewer repair work (more information about sewer repair status can be found here:

For development of the King + Parks Apartments, PCRI is targeting fall 2017 to submit to the City of Portland for building permits and is targeting late winter/early spring to begin construction. Currently, design and development plans are still being refined, based on neighborhood and community feedback as well as functional and cost considerations. Below are some of the themes we have heard from community feedback, as well as some information about how this is informing the future development:

Parking: Interest includes the number of parking spaces to be provided, potential impacts of parking on surrounding streets, and how PCRI will allocate the parking spots.

Although city code requires zero spaces of off-street parking for development of our type in this location, PCRI has applied for a land use appeal to provide 24 parking spaces accessed from the alley. This appeal is currently under review with the City of Portland. It is important to note that PCRI will not be charging residents to park in these spots, which will help ensure residents utilize these spaces before parking on the surrounding streets. PCRI is also in conversation with TriMet to explore opportunities to partner and maximize transit use/minimize vehicle ownership by residents.

Relationship of PCRI’s development with neighboring properties: Interested includes how the design will impact sunlight/shadows, security, and trash pick-up details.

PCRI has reviewed shadow studies completed by our architects early in the design process, which has informed height and other characteristics designed to minimize or altogether eliminate any shadows cast from the building onto neighboring properties. PCRI has also been exploring options to pull the building further away from the existing alley, which will further reduce the impacts to neighboring properties. Lighting along the alley will help aid security and is being designed to minimize any spill-over to adjacent properties. Security cameras are also proposed at key locations to help ensure security but will be placed to avoid any direct lines of sight into residences.

Additionally, PCRI has designed the waste room as an enclosed and secured space in a central location for pick up – along the alley near Rosa Parks Way. Trash collection for existing properties is already provided along the alley south of the site; collection at the new development is expected to be coordinated with the existing mid-day schedule.

King Parks Rendering_Page_1Building Design and Rosa Parks Art: The neighborhood association expressed interest in what aspect of the design might act as a statement piece or what will differentiate the design from other buildings along MLK and in the neighborhood. The neighborhood association also noted interest in working with PCRI to integrate a Rosa Parks art piece into the project.

As with any project, PCRI seeks to balance design options within the various requirements of the project. This includes Community Design Standards laid out by the City which provide specific and prescriptive requirements our design must follow. Portland Housing Bureau and other funding sources also have additional provisions we must meet. While this limits PCRI’s flexibility in the building’s design and size, we are committed to continuously evaluate how the building’s design can respond to neighborhood feedback. This includes moving the building away from the alley and highlighting design elements on the MLK Blvd. façade. PCRI has worked with the architect to select additional perspectives to provide views of the building and has shared drafts of these perspectives with the Neighborhood Association (also pictured above and right).

PCRI and its design team have also begun brainstorming options for integrating a Rosa Parks art piece into the building and how this could also potentially provide a stronger statement to the design. The architect has been discussing with the city planner how these ideas interplay with Community Design Standards and PCRI will continue engaging the neighborhood association in discussing options for the art piece.

PCRI will continue to provide updates as the design is refined and as the project moves closer to construction. For additional updates and information click HERE.

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Beatrice 080117Record temperatures in Portland will result in some changes in work crew schedules this week. Construction crews will stop work at 1:30 p.m. August 3 to avoid extreme mid-day heat. During continued hot temperatures, crews are anticipated to begin work at 6:00 a.m., slightly earlier than normal. Notices have been posted at neighboring homes advising of the schedule change, with contact information in case of any issues.

Despite the weather inconvenience, concrete walls continue to be formed and poured. One phase is complete, with a second underway and a third phase coming in approximately one week. Forming and pouring on concrete slabs will follow.

As has been the case during prior weeks, street closures are to be expected during the day to facilitate safety and jobsite access:

  • Ivy Street at NE Martin Luther King Blvd
  • Parking spaces on NE Cook Street near NE Martin Luther King Blvd

Additional information and prior construction updates can be found HERE. Completion of the 80-unit mixed-use commercial and residential building is anticipated in mid-2018 and all apartments are expected to be leased by the end of 2018.

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