Beatrice Morrow: FAQ

Beatrice Morrow (formerly Grant Warehouse) Project

Frequently Asked Questions

In fall 2015, Portland Housing Bureau selected Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives, Inc. (PCRI) and Gerding Edlen in partnership with Colas Construction and Carleton Hart Architects to redevelop the former Grant Warehouse site on NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. between Cook and Ivy Streets. The project design is under development, but answers to many common questions are provided below. If you have questions not answered below, please email Travis Phillips or call (503) 288-2923 ext. 116.

Q: How can I stay informed about the project?
A: To stay informed, we recommend signing up for our e-news. Be sure to check the “I’m interested in” box for Grant Warehouse news. The project team is also hosted an initial open house on March 14, 2016. More information on the open house can be found HERE.

Q: How many apartments will there be and what size? How big will the building be?
A: In their Request for Qualifications (RFQ), Portland Housing Bureau stated the project should incorporate 45-70 family-sized rental units, meaning two- to three-bedrooms, as well as community-serving commercial space. The final design includes 80 units, with a large number of these apartments having at least two bedrooms. Storefront commercial space is featured along Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Q: How much will the rents be?
A: The completed development is intended to be affordable to households earning at or below 60% of the Area Median Income (AMI). Some rents will be set to be affordable to families earning 60% AMI, while other units will be reserved for families with lower incomes. The exact mix of affordability and unit configuration will vary based on current availability. More details can be found HERE.

Some subsidized units may be available to households earning at or below 30% of AMI, in which case, monthly rent will be set at approximately 30% of a household’s income. Applicants must meet income restrictions established by the City of Portland’s Housing Bureau. More information can be found on the Portland Housing Bureau website.

Q: How do I get on the waiting list?
A: PCRI has contracted Cascade Management for property management of the building. Please call Cascade Management at 503-475-6292 for current details or visit their website HERE. To stay informed, we recommend signing up for our e-news. Be sure to check the “I’m interested in” box for Beatrice Morrow/Grant Warehouse news.

Q: When will construction start and how long will it last?
A: Construction started in May 2017 after approval of the building permits. Completion of the building’s construction and resident move-in expected in October 2018.

Q: Who will live in the new building?
A: PCRI residents come from all walks of life. They are your cashier at the grocery store, your nurse at the doctor’s office, your bus driver, or the EMT in the ambulance which passed you on the road recently. Many residents (like Rachel, Betty and the Shaw family) utilize the stability of their PCRI home as a stepping stone to homeownership. PCRI embraces Fair Housing standards and strives to go above and beyond these standards to ensure equity and opportunity for all residents. In an effort to mitigate forced displacement from rapidly-changing neighborhoods, current and former residents of North and Northeast Portland may receive waiting list priority

Q: How will this impact my property?

A: Developing a high-quality building with new homes and commercial space will improve the appearance of the neighborhood by improving a currently-vacant lot. Professional landscaping and maintenance will ensure the building remains attractive for the long term. Aside from short-term inconvenience from construction, the new building is expected to have a positive impact on the neighborhood. The design is intended to be responsive to the existing neighborhood, balancing the need for more housing with the scale and feel of the surrounding neighborhood.

Q: How do I know the site is not environmentally contaminated?
A: At the time the original Grant Warehouse buildings were torn down, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) inspected the site, confirming that any contaminants at the site were properly cleaned up. Oregon DEQ documented the clean-up activity and performed testing at the time the clean-up was complete before issuing a “No Further Action” decision, confirming clean-up had been satisfactorily completed. To provide further assurance that the site does not pose health risks to future residents or neighbors, the PCRI-Gerding Edlen development team hired a third-party consultant to complete independent environmental inspections to verify there are no remaining environmental concerns.