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January 14, 2010 · by pcriadmin · PCRI

In fact, you can help whether or not you’re in Portland.  Case in point:  Rosetta Thurman, a nonprofit leader, writer, speaker, professor and leadership development consultant (I’m sure I missed something there, but let’s just say she’s accomplished) posted a great recap about how to help.  Rather than trying to come up with new ways to say what she did so well, please read on for her eloquent and moving call to action:

Yesterday, I made my very first donation by text. Tears rolled down my face as I punched in each number on my cell phone. I couldn’t stop crying because I wanted to do more. So much more.

As you all know, on January 12, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti. As a result, the country is in ruins, and more than 100,000 are feared dead. Up to 3 million people could be affected by this earthquake, the worst in 200 years. Given the recent events and devastation brought upon Haiti, I cannot think of anything more important that we can do right now than to lend your voice, efforts, and money to our brothers and sisters in Haiti who are in such desperate need now and will be for the long term. For right now, aid officials are asking folks NOT to collect donated goods as there is no on the ground capacity to distribute unsorted random goods and won’t be for some time. The devastation is such that they also don’t want people going down there independently as roads are closed and not passable. So, the best thing to do right now is to give cash. The quickest way to give is by mobile giving through your cell phone. Here’s how:

  • SMS text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts
  • SMS text “YELE” to 501501 to Donate $5 to Yele Haiti’s Earthquake Relief efforts (Yele was established by recording artist Wyclef Jean)
  • Canadian folks can text the word “Haiti” to 45678 (Canada only) on behalf of the Salvation Army in Canada

Your donation goes to the recipient charity, and the donation appears as a charge on your carrier bill. You or your organization can also make a gift to any of these charities that are on the ground providing assistance. The Washington Post has compiled an even more comprehensive list of charities to support.

If you cannot give money, please give your thoughts and prayers to the people of Haiti during this tragedy.

If you cannot give money, please show your support on Twitter or Facebook. Many folks are looking for ways that they can help right now. Please consider updating your status message with something like this:

  • Text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts. (Facebook)
  • Text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts. #Haiti (Twitter)

If you are in the midst of planning any events to support the relief effort, please consider collecting MONEY instead of supplies. Governments worldwide are responding to the current disaster by sending search and rescue teams as well as goods. Relief organizations are also ramping up their efforts and sending out calls for support. The best thing we can do from the U.S. right now is to send our thoughts, prayers, and money.

“Yele” means a “cry for freedom.” Let’s please do our part to let them know we hear their cry.

If you’re reading this from Washington, DC, Rosetta has collected a list of ways to get involved with relief efforts.

If you’re in Portland, there are many businesses planning special events to support Haiti relief as well as many events to show support and solidarity.  Here’s an admittedly incomplete list, but please add your events via the comments:

TONIGHT (January 14), join Portland Mercy Corps between 6-7 pm at Ankeny Plaza (near Skidmore Fountain in Portland Old Town) for a candle-light vigil with the Portland Haitian immigrant and refugee community.  Mercy Corps hopes to raise $100,000 for Mercy Corps’ earthquake relief efforts.

Additional vigils will be held at Augustana Lutheran Church and at Portland Metro Church.

TOMORROW: (January 15) Mercy Corps and the Portland Trailblazers will collect donations (cash or checks) for Haiti earthquake relief on your way into the Blazers game.

If you’re out and about, there are plenty of businesses who are donating proceeds to the relief effort too.  Cruise the Pearl on Saturday and paint it “Red for Relief” at Cupcake Jones, Bishops Barbershop, Jinx Lounge, Bubble Boutique and Vault Martini Bar.  Or, if you’re ready for a new purse, check out Portland’s Kaleah Ott on Etsy–$100 of a Pop Top purse purchase will go to the Red Cross.

Milagros Boutique, Bella Stella, Red Wagon, Townsend’s Tea, Clever Cycles and many other local businesses will be donating 10% of their sales (through Monday 1/18) to Mercy Corps (plus, you support a local business!).  Keep checking Milagros website for more participating businesses.

Firehouse Restaurant will be donating 5% of their proceeds from January 20-24 directly to Mercy corps too (eat up!).

While you’re picking up groceries, you can donate your spare change for Haiti relief too.  Thru 1/30, donations to Fred Meyer’s register coin boxes will be earmarked for Haiti relief.

A little further out, Funagain Games in Ashland will donate 100% of net profits from all in-stock orders on 1/15 to Haiti aid.

Please post any events, fundraisers or other organized relief efforts that you know of in the comments.