Home (Ownership) for the Holidays

November 27, 2009 · by pcriadmin · PCRI

“When I got here, I wasn’t sure if I should knock, ring the door bell or just walk in.  I walked in and she [Broker Shelly Fullwiley] said ‘Welcome home!'”

That’s what Rachel Allen, Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives’ resident–or more appropriately, former resident–had to say about the day she received the keys to her new North Portland home.

Rachel Allen Home Purchase Signing

Allen (pictured above signing final documents) participated in PCRI’s Home Ownership and Individual Development Account programs to help her prepare for her “Welcome home” moment.  While she says it’s hard to pinpoint a single most-helpful part of the program, she is quick to point out how it helped her better understand the process and the many pieces that make up the homebuying puzzle: Realtors, inspectors, lenders and mortgage brokers, to name a few.

“You came out fully educated about the home buying process,” Fullwiley summarized.

While education about home buying was a journey, Allen always knew her destination: a home in Portland’s north or northeast neighborhoods, close to family and with an easy commute to work.  There were times when she wondered if, in order to afford a home, she would have to move further out, but with patience and persistence she found the home and location she wanted.

“Rachel followed her game plan,” said PCRI Homeownership Coordinator Charles Funches (pictured below with Fullwiley, left, and Allen, right).  He added, “Rachel never had to compromise.  That’s powerful.”

Shelly Fullwiley, Charles Funches and Homeowner Rachel Allen

Funches credits Allen’s focus and determination as defining assets.  Combined with wisdom gained from the program’s classes and meetings, these assets were key to realizing her homeownership dream.

“You set your sights very decisively that ‘this is what I’m going to do,'” he said.  “The end result is that you’re getting everything you wanted.  You’ve done it.”

In fact, Allen did get everything she wanted.  Right down to the home’s deep purple trim paint–her favorite color.

Fullwiley and Allen in front of Allen's new home

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