Let’s Talk About Energy: Energy Trust’s Residential Summit

March 10, 2021 · by Admin · Featured

There is still time! ⏳ We want to hear from homeowners & renters like you how Energy Trust can better serve you in ways that matter most to you, your family & your community. Register today to share your ideas with us at our virtual summit June 29!

How do you use energy in your home? Would you like to spend less money on your energy bills? What would help you do that?

Energy Trust of Oregon wants to hear from you. We’re starting to plan for 2022 and we want to learn how we can help homeowners and renters in ways that really matter—to you. We hope you’ll attend and share your ideas. You’ll hear about what we have to offer, but more importantly, we’ll learn what’s important to you, your family and your community.

To get started, please complete and return this short online survey. We want this time together to be valuable and sharing some information about yourself will help us do that.

Then register at the link below and mark your calendar. We look forward to seeing you at our online summit.

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