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May 23, 2018 · by pcriadmin · Featured, Pathway 1000, PCRI

Following the release of the Pathway 1000 Implementation Plan, PCRI and Flossin Media recently produced the Pathway 1000 Magazine, a companion publication which focuses on the people working to implement the Pathway 1000 initiative. With its goal to deliver at least 1000 new affordable homes for rent and for sale, Pathway 1000 is PCRI’s ambitious 10-year displacement mitigation initiative.

Comprised of interviews with PCRI staff and board members as well as community partners, the Pathway 1000 Magazine details team members’ connections to the work and strategies to implement the initiative. Click on the magazine cover (right) for online or downloadable versions of the magazine.

“I began to look at the plans, listened to Maxine’s dream and after talking about and reflecting upon homeownership and affordable housing, it became more of a reality to me that [Pathway 1000] CAN be done,” said Dr. T. Allen Bethel, PCRI Board Chair.

Prepared by PCRI, its partners and collaborators, Pathway 1000 is informed by a participatory community engagement process. It differs from community development initiatives planned by local public agencies because Pathway 1000 is community driven, community informed, community advocated, and community built. The Plan focuses on housing stability, wealth creation through homeownership, and subsequently a reduction in poverty, in particular, the generational poverty that exists in Portland’s Black community. The initiative also has goals to create hundreds of living wage jobs through business growth and development.

“We believe our approach can be a model for other communities in Portland and elsewhere in the country that are impacted by gentrification and displacement,” said Maxine Fitzpatrick, PCRI’s Executive Director. “We are addressing the housing issues caused by income disparities in the City of Portland and State of Oregon. We are offering corrective measures and long-term solutions. The Plan addresses unemployment, underemployment, wage disparities and the unequal treatment that led to these disparate outcomes.”

Formed 25 years ago in response to a housing crisis created by redlining and predatory lending practices, PCRI is a non-profit community development corporation with a mission to preserve, expand and manage affordable housing in the City of Portland and provide access to and advocacy for services to residents. PCRI hosted a launch celebration and media event for the Pathway 1000 Implementation Plan on April 18, 2018.

Check out media coverage from OPB. More information about Pathway 1000 is available on PCRI’s website and the Pathway 1000 website. For media inquiries, contact Fawn Aberson at Flossin Media.

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