Residents, Other Youth Ride Happy After Bike Drive

December 7, 2015 · by pcriadmin · Featured, PCRI

Portland youth lined up for their pick of hundreds of bikes at the Community Cycling Center Holiday Bike Drive, Sunday, December 6, 2015. PCRI youth and other low-income children rode away from the event with a donated and refurbished bicycle, as well as free helmets, equipment and hands-on bike training. For many kids at the bike drive, this was their first bicycle and an exciting early holiday present.

PCRI resident Hermela enthusiastically shows off her new bike

PCRI resident Hermela enthusiastically shows off her new bike

Hermela, a PCRI resident, had an amazing time playing all the games, choosing her new bike, and riding it for the first time. PCRI was one of many partner agencies that referred families to the Bike Drive.

One parent was so thankful for this opportunity, noting that with such a tight budget Christmas presents are in question this year. Thanks to Community Cycling Center, partners and donors, the kids are ensured gifts under the tree. Each bike has an estimated value around $50, and with many participating families having multiple children, the benefit and opportunity of the bike drive adds up quickly.

PCRI resident Jericho (right) volunteered at the Bike Drive

PCRI resident Jericho (right) volunteered at the Bike Drive

In addition to youth receiving a new bike, PCRI residents were at the bike drive serving the community. Jericho has been interested in volunteering and helped give out helmets during the event. Each youth receiving a bike at the bike drive received a free helmet fit to size, as well as safety lessons and bike training to develop skills with their new bike.

Another PCRI parent was not only impressed by the amazing set up and knowledge of the staff and volunteers, but also grateful for someone else telling their kids to be safe, saying, “Parents can seem like nags about safety, so it’s good that the kids are hearing it from someone else this time! This helps!” The parent noted that they wanted the bikes to be a secret for Christmas but in the end was glad to bring their kids to such an informational experience.

PCRI staff member Kirk Rea helped families register them for the bike drive and brought his camera to the event to capture it in photos. It was “probably one of the cutest and most radical events I’ve been to,” he said.

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