Trenton Rehabilitation (2012)

September 5, 2012 · by pcriadmin · PCRI, Rehabilitations

PCRI rehabilitated this single-family home as part of our Big 11 project, upgrading and improving 11 single-family rental homes with funding from Portland Housing Bureau.

While new exterior paint is the first thing to notice about the renovations to this 1929 home, the improvements are far more than skin deep. Lead-based paint and asbestos hazards were addressed, significant improvements to insulation and weatherization were undertaken, and new ventilation was installed to ensure a healthy environment for residents.  The improvements to efficiency and indoor health were made according to Home Performance with Energy Star standards, with testing performed after the renovation to ensure anticipated results had been achieved.  In fact, these improvements reduced air leakage by 39%, something that will help ensure heating systems can work efficiently and energy bills will be as low as possible for residents.

Inside, the kitchen and bathroom were redesigned to be more functional and make better use of the space.  New flooring was installed throughout, making the rooms brighter and providing durable and easy to maintain surfaces.  Outside, repairs were made where a fallen tree had damaged the home, after which a new roof was installed.  Oregon Tradeswomen crews collaborated with PCRI and Albina Construction to build new fences and porch railings as well as raised planter beds where residents could grow fresh vegetables.


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